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    Woman’s explicit Christmas display draws outrage from neighbors: ‘It's certainly a statement‘

    A Kansas woman angered several of her neighbors after revealing a large, explicit holiday display on her rooftop. 

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    Five Italians sentenced to jail for gang rape of British tourist in popular holiday resort

    Five Italians have been jailed for the gang rape of a British woman in the popular resort of Meta di Sorrento, south of Naples. The men, who were all employees of a hotel where the woman was staying, set up a WhatsApp group after the rape which they called “Bad Habits”. They were accused of slipping the 50-year-old Kent woman a date rape drug and then subjecting her to multiple rapes in the Hotel Alimuri on the night of October 6 2016. They filmed and took photos of the assault and some were identified by tattoos on their bodies. The woman was on holiday with her 25-year-old daughter, who went to bed early on the night the attack happened and was not targeted by the Italians. They were sentenced on Friday to prison terms of between four and nine years by a court in the nearby town of Torre Annunziata. The rapists were named as Gennaro Davide Gargiulo, who was given the heaviest sentence of nine years; Antonino Miniero and Fabio De Virgilio, who were sentenced to eight years; Francesco D’Antonio, who will go to jail for seven years; and Raffaele Regio, who was given a four-year sentence. Sorrento is popular with British tourists Credit: Look The British victim was not in court but had been in “a state of anxiety all day” while awaiting the verdict from a panel of three judges, said Lucilla Longone, her Italian lawyer. She was “delighted” with the tough sentences handed down, her lawyer said. When the sentences were read out there was uproar in court, with the defendants’ families shouting and yelling abuse at the judges. Police officers escorted the judges out of the courthouse through a side entrance as around 30 relatives hurled threats at them. The woman was allegedly given a date-rape drug in a drink that she accepted from two of the Italians on the last night of her holiday. The two barmen then took her to a nearby swimming pool and raped her. They then passed her onto the other men, who raped her in a part of the hotel used as staff accommodation. The men photographed her and later shared the photos on a WhatsApp group that they called “Bad Habits”. The judges will deliver their “motivazione” or explanation of the guilty verdicts within 90 days, as is customary under Italian law. Meta di Sorrento is close to Sorrento, a picturesque town which commands views of the Bay of Naples and is a favoured base for exploring the Amalfi Coast, Pompeii and the island of Capri. When the men were arrested, Costanzo Iaccarino, the head of the local hoteliers' association, said he was appalled by what had happened. "We treat our guests with great care and the British, for us, have always been our preferred visitors. We participate in travel fairs in London every year." Sorrento is so popular with tourists from Britain that one guidebook nicknames it “Eastbourne-on-the-Med”.

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    Ring Camera Hacker Brags of Watching Unsuspecting Homeowners and Taunts Police Officer

    Users of Amazon’s popular Ring surveillance cameras have reported people hacking into the devices to spy on their homes and harass them.Multiple families in different states have reported that hackers have spoken to them through the devices.An individual who hacked into the Ring surveillance camera of Joshua Koop on December 12 bragged about watching unsuspecting homeowners and taunted a police officer.In a video captured by Koop, the hacker can be heard saying he watched people engaged in intimate acts by monitoring Ring cameras inside homes.He then says: “One time I got the cops called to somebody’s house and they had a gun out.”Koop responds, “Really?” to which the hacker says, “They were taking the cameras and s*** to investigate.” The hacker also alluded to knowing the individual who hacked into the Ring camera in an 8-year-old girl’s room and tried to get her to use racial slurs.“My friend was on the news,” he says. “Yeah, he was on ABC for spewing racial slurs and telling little kids he was Santa Claus.”When a Broward County sheriff’s deputy arrived at Koop’s residence, the hacker commented on her appearance. He then tells Koop, “You’re getting hacked by a 5-year-old, dude.”Koop told Storyful that he had a 15-minute conversation with the individual through the Ring camera, and the hacker claimed to have accessed thousands of cameras in the interiors of people’s homes. He said he has since removed all the Ring cameras from his home after watching footage on the other devices and realizing the hacker was watching him for hours.“You can hear him breathing over the cameras while he watched me in the backyard,” he added.In response to Koop, Ring said that “this was not a compromise of Ring’s systems.” The company advised customers to create strong passwords and ensure they were regularly updated. Credit: Joshua Koop via Storyful

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    Melania Trump Issued a Statement About Donald Trump Mocking Greta Thunberg

    Melania Trump issued a statement after people called on her Be Best initiative following Donald Trump's tweet about Greta Thunberg.

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    Surveillance videos showing 'heinous' killing of officer Stephen Carr released by Arkansas police

    Surveillance videos that captured the "heinous," execution-style killing of a police officer just outside an Arkansas stationhouse have been released by authorities. The Washington County Sheriff's Office on Friday reluctantly released the preliminary findings from the state's medical examiner's officer and a series of surveillance videos that showed the sequence of events surrounding the killing of Fayetteville Police Officer Stephen Carr earlier this month.